Phrozen Sonic Ultra-Fast UV LCD 3D Printer (11/37)


XY Resolution 62 um
Z Resolution 10 um
Max Printing Speed 60 mm/hr
File Input USB, Wi-Fi, LAN
Support Material Compatible with 3rd Party Resins

ParaLED® 3.0 Module Metal-Core PCB with most Efficient UV-LED

Mono-LCD Made For 3D Printing 2000+ hour LCD Life Time 4 times Higher Transmittance at 405nm

Open For 3rd Party Resins Compatible for LCD/SLA/DLP Resins

5” High Resolution Touch Panel
· Z-AXIS : Platform leveling function
• LCD TEST: Defective pixel checking
· WIFI : WiFi connection support
• PROFILE : Resin profile selection & adjustment
· PLATES : File loading & reading

WiFi Connection Support Enjoy a cable-free life style & transfer files wirelessly

Offline Printing Available Read your files via Ethenet & USB

Cure at 0.5 sec At Fastest

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