Luxillia Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit with Tweezers and Brush (4/31)

<p>Strongest Magnetie Hold Ever</p><p>Luxillia Magnetic Eyeliner is not only Waterproof and Smudgeproof but also have the highest amount of Micro-Magnetic-Particals to hold the Lashes in place and keep them from faling in any situation</p><p>WHY CHOOSE US?</p><p>Professionally Designed Lashes and USA Based AMAZON EXCLUSIVE BRAND</p><p>Just the right amount of volume and length of 13mm which makes them perfect Lashes for all occasions and extremely natural looking Ultra Thinlash hairs made of Cruelty-Free Silk with Double Layer Technology to make them last 5 times more than any other faise eyelash Brand build from customer satisfaction and USA Based 24/7 After Sales Service</p><p>&raquo; Overly Dramatio volume with extra long Xlash size of 21mm which makes them look fake, un-natural and only night time wear X Thick Fake looking Lash hair made of cheep fiber to save the cost which and do not provide a natural curve X Fake paid 5 star reviews generated by review agencies and no after sales service</p><p>One Pair that last more than 5 pairs of other Magnetic Lashes</p><p>5 Ultra Premium Micro Magnets to provide you the Maximum Hold Just the right amount of Length and Volume you need Made with Double Layer of Fibers to give the Lash-Extensions look and Last more than any other Magnetic Lashes</p>

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