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ZEKEE Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit (28/31)

<p>5pcs Innner Corner Magnets &amp; Upgrade Magnetic Power Eyeliner</p><p>Waterproof &amp; Smudge-Proof</p><p>WEARING PROCESS</p><p>HOW TO USE 1. Shake the Eyeliner Bottle Times First 2. Draw the Eyeliner as Daily in 2-3 Coats and Walt it to Dry for 5.1 Mins. 3. Gently Place the Magnetic Lashes on Eyelid. Lashes and Effortlessly. &quot;CLICKS to the Eyeliner 4. Allow the Lash to Adhere to the Magnetic Eyeliner and Adjust the Lashes to Fit Your Eye 6. Place the magnetic eyelashes on the eyelids and gently place the eyelashes over the natural eyelashes so that the outer edges align with the edges of the natural eyelashes 6 Let the eyelashes stick to the magnetic wyeliner, gently press the eyelashes to fit</p>

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