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Coolours Magnetic Eyeliner With Magnetic Eyelashes (13/31)

<p>HIGH-STRENGTH MAGNETS<br>COMPLETELY NATURAL<br>STAYS PUT ALL DAY<br>EASILY REMOVED OR<br>REPOSITIONED<br>4 Pairs included<br>Natural look<br>Full eyelash<br>Repositonal<br>Fit any eye shape<br>Strong magnetic<br>Cosmetic eyeliner<br>contains ultra-fine<br>magnetic particles yet<br>completely natural top<br>quality lash is embedded<br>with tiny high-stregth<br>magnets.<br>MAGIC MAGNETIC EYELASHES WITH EYELINER</p><p>GIVE YOUR LASHES<br>SOME DIFFERENCE<br>GUARANTED SATISFACTION<br><br></p>

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