Boley 8 Piece Shark Figure Toys (23/48)

<p>Eden &amp; Me School of Sharks Eden &amp; Me by Boley is a line of toys centered on educating the world about the beautiful and majestic creatures with whom we share our planet. Do you prefer to introduce your kids to the powerful lions and elephants that dominate the safari? Or would you rather have them meet the beloved cows, horses, pigs, and dogs that help keep the farm running? Whichever you choose, Eden &amp; Me will always provide a diverse array of realistic, finely- detailed, and compelling animals who will engage, entertain, and educate their human friends. Each animal is naturally colored to its true brilliance, and comfortably coated with soft and flexible textures for a premium and striking experience. Embark on a new adventure with the friendly animals behind Eden &amp; Me, and prepare to explore and encounter the Great Wild and beyond!</p>


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