BEEOS 3D Mink Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit (21/31)

<p>STAY PUT<br>ALL DAY<br>The eyelashes will stick to<br>the magnetic eyeliner!<br>Meterial:<br>Fur from young minks(1.5-2 years<br>old) is chosen, because this fur<br>is more glossy and vital. The fur<br>is collected when minks fall their<br>hair every year.<br>Styles:<br>Perfect 3D layered effect,<br>create a thicker, longer<br>and glamorous eyelashes<br>look.<br>Band:<br>The material is from South<br>Korea. It&#39;s very thin, soft and<br>strong. Your eyes will be com-<br>fortable with it.<br>HIGH-STRENGTH 5 MAGNETS</p><p>MAGNETIC EYELINER</p><p>High-strength magnetic<br>No glue<br>Waterproof<br>Natural look<br>Easily removed and<br>repositioned<br>HOW TO USE<br>Shake the eyeliner.<br>Drawing your eyeliner according<br>to your eye shape and wait for it<br>to dry for 2 to 3 minutes.<br>Put on a second coat to en<br>hance the magnetic.<br>Sticking the false eyelashes.<br>Adjusting the width of the<br>eyelinr as you like.</p>

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