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2020 Outlander Boxed Daily Calendar (3/31)

<p>If you truly loved Jamie<br>as much as ye say ye do,<br>you&#39;d want him to be the<br>man he was born to be.<br>- AUNT JACOSTAS<br>BRAVE THE<br>NEW WORLD..<br>Based on the popular book series by international best-selling author<br>Diana Gabaldon, the Outlander series has become a phenomenon, loved<br>by fans worldwide. Gorgeous images of Jamie, Claire, and other beloved<br>characters from the TV series are featured in this captivating daily<br>calendar. Spend the year with your favorite stars from Outlander -<br>an alchemy of romance, time travel, and historical drama!<br>FEATURES: &bull; Beautiful full-color photography of your favorite Outlander characters and classic quotes.</p><p>OUTLANDER<br>20 OUTLANDER<br>0<br>Calendar 2019 Sellers Publishing, Inc.<br>TM 1 010 Sony Pictures<br>Television<br>All Rights Reserved<br>Published by Sellers Publishing, Inc.<br>161 John Roberts Road, South Portland, M</p>


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