Best Ways to Identify Behavioral Styles

Best ways to identify behavioral styles

Through casual observation

Understand the person, and increase your chances of effectively communicating with them.

DOMINANCE Task-oriented, faster-paced extroverts

1. Taking charge in front of a group, the high-D likes to lead.
2. High-Ds lose interest in a project once the challenge ceases.
3. Getting down to business is the priority for the high D. They leave the small talk to others.

INFLUENCE People-oriented, faster-paced extroverts

4. The high-l is so focused on making human contact when they enter a room, they may have a tendency to bump into things.
5. People, not details, are the priority for the high-l. Because of this, they can tend to have disorganized workspaces.
6. Interaction, making connections and communication are what makes a high-l tick.

STEADINESS People-oriented, slower-paced introverts

7. Slow and steady is the mantra of the high-S behavior style.
8. The high-S likes to absorb all the information and consider everything before asking a lot of questions.
9. Stability is the ultimate goal for someone with a high-S behavioral style.

COMPLIANCE Task-oriented, slower-paced introverts

10. High-Cs like lots of information and prefer time to process that information to consider all possible outcomes.
11. “Just the facts, ma’am” would be a quote most likely heard from a high-C. e outcom considers that
12. While the high-C may sometimes come across as standoffish, they are simply trying to understand the entirety of what is being asked of them so they can effectively execute the task to perfection.

Identifying behavioral styles through casual observation can help you gain insight on a person’s common behavioral tendencies, increasing your chances of communicating with them effectively.

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